Post Camino Thoughts


It feels like forever since I’ve posted here. I have so missed sitting down to this blog, checking in with you, sharing my walk and daily drawings. It has only been a week since that glorious Easter morn which brought an end to Lent and thus to my stay-at-home lenten pilgrimage.


Yet I have continued to walk and draw every day! My feet and my eyes got into a habit of walking daily and looking for beauty such that I just couldn’t stop cold turkey. After drawing on the last page of my Handbook Journal the very last day of Lent, I have been filling a watercolor Moleskine since Easter day and am considering how I might share this with you, not daily, but perhaps in a different format over on my regular blog, I’ll let you know. 🙂


This week also marked the final turn towards a grand event in our family’s life…the marriage of our oldest daughter to a wonderful man on June 12. Though we have been planning for months, it is now just 10 weeks away! Our daughter was home this past week for her spring break and so we did  as many wedding things as possible while she was here. It is an overwhelming project, but one for which I know I need to keep walking and drawing to maintain my focus and sanity.


I learned so much in those precious 47 days on pilgrimage. I’m still processing some of it. Your presence here walking with me is a dear memory and I am grateful for your companionship throughout lent. I have an increased awareness that I am a pilgrim for life, sojourning here, walking each day closer and closer toward my forever home.


I hope that if you joined in the pilgrimage in some way or other, whether it was in walking and drawing or photography or poetry…that you will continue to do so! And I hope you will consider joining me for more artwork and writings over at Perhaps subscribe there also to receive email updates when I post. I have some ideas swirling in my head to offer there and would love for you to be in the know about it.


‘Til next time we meet –

May you walk each day looking for His beauty along the path,

drawing from it for your encouragement and peace.

Buen Camino!