To What End?

Where has it all led us? To what end does all this peering into ordinary things bring us? Is it just the journey itself which gives meaning? Is it purely the act of paying attention – drawing ordinary objects in our ordinary lives in order to gain a sense of rootedness and see beauty beneath our feet? Yes. Certainly!

But it also leads us somewhere. Each moment drawn points the way to a glorious end. We who walk the pilgrim’s path of Christ, have a new Day coming! Indeed, in many ways, it is already here…for Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed!

The thought that each and every day is now a Resurrection Day, is both arresting and incredibly hope-filled. As Tish Harrison Warren writes in her book Liturgy of the Ordinary

“The Psalmist declares, ‘This is the day that the Lord has made.’ This one. We wake not to a vague or general mercy from a far off God. God, in delight and wisdom, has made, named, and blessed this average day. What I in my weakness see as another monotonous day in a string of days, God has given as a singular gift.” pg. 21.

What a gift Lent has been… a discipline of drawing daily from the ordinary things that surround us…life and loveliness for the path we each are walking.

“These moments of loveliness –good tea, bare trees, and soft shadows –are church bells. In my dimness, they jolt me to attention, and remind me that Christ is in our midst. His song of truth, sung by people all over the world, echoes down my ordinary street, spilling even into my living room.” pg. 140.

Even if I grumbled at having to draw yet another ordinary thing (like “leftovers”), I found by the end of the sketch, a true “moment of loveliness.”  From a closet to my living room, simple bread and wine, each place of ordinary-ness was a keyhole through which I could see the New Life beyond.

May we continue from this day forward, to walk with Christ, drawing the ordinary moments of loveliness, so that we can see the Risen Savior in our midst.

Happy Easter fellow pilgrims!

**You might enjoy this artistic collaboration of tapestry weavings (by yours truly;), poetry, and woodburnings that I have videotaped in a special episode of my Knitterly Arts Podcast. You can see this episode on the blog at or on

***A special thank you to Stacy, Cheryl, Kerstin, Gail, Heidi and others for walking and drawing with me through Lent! It has been a pleasure!


Day 47 – Had I My Sketchbook


The following is a poem I wrote a few years ago for Easter. The above drawing was made to go along with it. It is perfect to post today as well. It is in drawing that I am drawn to Christ. It is through drawing that Christ draws me to Himself. Through the vehicle of my sketchbook I can see life more clearly. There is an undeniable link between the ink in my pen, the paint in my brush, and the presence and love of God. Art is a spiritual matter. Yes, indeed.

Had I My Sketchbook

Had I my sketchbook on that day

facing the tomb

where recent horrors laid Him

and  a rock sealed the room…


Had I thoughts other than

to sit and weep and clasp my book,

I’d open the pages

of sketches and look…


Him laughing at table

Him weeping for a friend

His amazing miracles

the events near the end…


That last day he lived

if living it be called

I could not’ve drawn it

eyes swollen as I bawled.


But I was there

His agony my own.

And I am here now

gazing at a stone.


The finality of it all

I s’pose that’s what I should draw.

A last sketch of my Friend

to end this book of all I saw.


I’d begin the arc of that boulder

the crevices of the rock

Lines upon lines

sealing up my broken heart.


Hours must’ve passed

as I filled up the page

with line after line

of my Friend’s stony cage.


The sun was coming up

as a Voice gently asked-

What have you there, Little One?

At the words, I gasped.


Sitting down by me

He pointed to what I’d drawn-

An angel, an opening,

grave cloths, a song.


I checked to be sure

what I drew had not been dream.

There it was in front of me

the whole of my scene.


And He sitting beside

glowing in smile.

We spoke of nothing and so much

for a very short while.


Then he rose to visit others

to show them Death was done.

I asked what shall I do now

for this joy … it must run!


He said keep drawing where you see Me

in all your live-long days…

And paint the song you’ve heard this morn

throughout the years and always.



I walked yesterday and I plan on walking today, tomorrow and in the days to come. I’ve been having a wee bit of difficulty thinking this pilgrimage is over and not wanting it to be. A fellow pilgrim who has been walking and drawing daily with me said in one of her post/emails that this is really just a beginning. I’m holding onto that! So the tulip drawing is a sneak peek of my walk yesterday and I will share the whole thing in a very soon post! Surely if one had walked the Camino for nearly 50 days, one would not just stop walking. And they would likely process what the pilgrimage meant, what they take away from it, etc. And so shall I.

I wish you the most blessed of Easter celebrations today! It has been a joy to walk with you on this lenten pilgrimage. I plan on continuing here, though not daily. I am a pilgrim for life and will continue walking at home and abroad, drawing from the experience both in word and image. I’ll be glad of your company along the way.

As you continue on your pilgrimage through life… Buen Camino dear friend!